2050 Edinburgh City Vision Churches’ Workshop

Sunday 20th November 2016, 3-5pm
Augustine United Church, 41-43 George IV Bridge, EH1 1EL

Have you have heard of the plans to create a 2050 vision for the city of Edinburgh, which as Churches and Faith Groups we are invited to help shape?

The City of Edinburgh Council is embarking on a project to develop a vision for Edinburgh 2050. The 2050 vision aspires to be:
One that we can all understand and buy into
Developed with involvement from residents of all ages, businesses and groups from all sectors

The City of Edinburgh Council wants to hear from everyone with an interest in the city:
1. What is great about Edinburgh as a city in 2016?

2. What could be better?

3. What should Edinburgh be like in 2050?

particularly in relation to key themes of: Community, Digital & Technology, Built Environment, Business & Work, Health, Faith, Transport, Sustainable Development, Young People, Housing, Education, Physical Activity & Sport, Culture & Tourism, Community Safety, Natural Environment.

They have launched a city wide conversation to hear peoples’ views, which can be offered as individuals, but also as groups. (www.edinburgh.org/2050-edinburgh-city-vision/)

Edinburgh Churches Together in partnership with Edinburgh Presbytery
would like to invite churches and faith groups across the city to a workshop, to respond to this conversation as a group. This does not mean our responses have to agree, but means that we can submit a collective response to ensure our voice is heard in the process of shaping this vision. The submission deadline for responses is December 2016. We have therefore organised our group workshop for Sunday 20th November 2016.

The proposed program for the afternoon workshop is:
3.00 Welcome
3.05 Representative of City of Edinburgh Council to offer overview of 2050 Edinburgh City Vision
3.15 Rev Carol Ford to explain the 2050 consultation process
3.25 15 discussion groups offer around the room. Each taking one of the Themes and exploring the 3 Questions in relation to it.
3.55 Break
4.00 15 discussion groups offer around the room. Each taking one of the Themes and exploring the 3 Questions in relation to it.
4.30 Facilitators briefly feedback the responses.
4.50 Closing Remarks
5.00 Finish

We would like to encourage all Churches across the city to send at least one representative to participate in the workshop, so that our response is as honest a reflection as possible.
Each participant will be able to take part in 2 workshops, engaging with 2 of the 15 themes which are of greatest interest to you.

If you would like to attend, please register through