Edinburgh Churches offering support for City’s Emergency Planning

In case of a major incident within our city, such as flooding or serious fire, The City of Edinburgh Council along with other agencies (including the Emergency Services) have a system of Emergency Response in place. The City Council are keen for Churches to get involved and to offer their buildings and resources to help local Edinburgh people if affected by an incident.

They are interested to see if local churches could be used as Rest Centres (places for people to go for safety and information in the midst of the crisis – where there would be always a manager and 3 other representatives from the Council) and whether there are groups and resources which could be offered to support post-incident.

Edinburgh Churches Together (ECT) have been in consultation with the City Council and are compiling a list of local church resources across the city. These resources include buildings, kitchens – including size and standard, toilets, hall space etc and whether keyholders and/or caretakers are available in a reasonable time frame, and which we can offer as part of the response to an emergency situation.
Does your local congregation have resources which they would be willing to make available as part of this response in order to support those affected by an emergency in Edinburgh?

If your congregation would be willing to get involved with this response please contact us as we are compiling an Edinburgh Church Response Database on behalf of ECT partners.

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